President- Donnie Graham 478-595-3932

Vice President- Eddie Tanton 478-697-2228

Secretary- Rhonda Graham 478-697-2402
Treasurer- Christine Jones 321-750-8215

Board Members:

  • Dennis Akins

  • James Brown

  • Bobby Day

  • Rachel Henry

  • Ken Miller 



1.      Your Membership gives your free access to the Club year-round with the exception of the Annual Club Rides.  If you use the Club during these designated weekends, you will be charged the entrance fee for the event.
2.      Please have your Membership Card with you at all times for identification purposes.
3.      ATV’s, 4-wheelers or golf carts are not permitted to be ridden in the campsite or on the trails, except on designated work days by staff for Club business or as permitted for handicap access. 
4.      No glass bottles, smoking, riding horses, bikes, scooters or skateboards INSIDE the cook house. 
5.      No running of horses in the campground.
6.      If a dispute breaks out, BOTH parties will be asked to leave.
7.      Please pay for expenses by check.  It helps with record keeping.  If you must pay by cash, please use the tan cash receipt envelope provided at the check-in booth with your name and number of nights indicated on the outside of the envelope.  Please seal envelope and insert into designated slot.
8.      Shelters belong to all Club Members, not just one or two families.  Feel free to use them.  Please don’t block them from others’ use.
9.      Please keep your camping area neat and clean.  Pick up and dispose of all hay, hay strings and trash.  Make sure camp fires are completely out and cannot start again.  Use water to extinguish. 

Member Renewals made by 12/31

Family $80

Single $40

Membership Renewals (and New) after 12/31

Family $100

Single $50



10.   If you take anything out on the trail, bring it back with you.  Trash should not be disposed of on the trails.  There are dumpsters and trash cans at the campground.  Please use them. 
11.   Children should be supervised at all times.
12.   ALL dogs must be on a least at ALL times – NO EXCEPTIONS – regardless of size.  IF your dog is running loose, you may be asked to leave the campground.
13.   Electricity is on a first come, first served basis.  No saving of electrical outlets, water spigots or parking spots will be permitted.  Electricity is $7 per night – place a check in the slot at the check-in booth.  If you block electrical outlets with trailers or RV’s, you will be required to pay the electrical rate regardless of whether or not you are hooked to it.
14.   Make sure all lights are turned off when leaving the campground (dance floor, shelters, bathrooms, etc).  During cold weather, turn off the hot water heater and drain the pipes if you are the last to leave.  Please help prevent the pipes from bursting.
15.   Do not tie or picket your horse beside water spigots or electrical outlets.
16.   Last person to leave the campground, LOCK THE GATE, PLEASE. Do not share the code to unlock the gates.
17.   No hunting is permitted.
18.   When in doubt, as an Officer or Board Member.  Please don’t assume.